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How To Draw A Rose Step By Step For Beginners

When we think of love, one of the first things that come to mind is roses. These flowers have been associated with romance for centuries, and their popularity has continued through the years. Just as writers praise her beauty with words, many artists pay tribute to her through drawing. You too can learn how to draw a rose!

Drawing a rose is difficult even for the most experienced artists. Its many petals make it necessary to have a good understanding of foreshortening and shading techniques to create a realistic rose.

Improving your drawing skills is not something that is done in a day. It takes years (and many hours) of practice to make a well-made rose, but each flower you draw will help you perfect your technique. 

Before you start drawing your rose, make sure you have the correct materials.

Roses have a wide variety of shades. The petals fold over each other, and this creates deep shadows with lighter parts on the outer edges of the plant. Due to this opposition of hues, you will need at least two drawing pencils. One should be hard (H to 9H) and the other should be softer (B to B9). The harder pencils will allow you to draw fine details, while the softer pencils are good for shading.

Once you have your pencils ready make sure you have a good eraser, another essential tool for drawing.

Select your source of inspiration

When you are starting to draw, it is preferable to create your illustration from direct observation. However, live flowers are a particular case, as they can look different at the end of the day. If you want to make sure your flower looks the same from beginning to end of the process, you can rely on a photo like this.

How To Draw A Rose Step By Step For Beginners

How To Draw A Rose : Step By Step For Beginners

Step 1. We draw an irregular circle

First draw an irregular circle, that is, it does not need to be perfect. If the circle is distorted in certain places, it will help the naturalness of our rose. This circle represents our entire area that the rose will occupy on the surface of the paper or support you are using.

How To Draw A Rose Step By Step For Beginners

Step 2. We will draw the stem of the rose

How To Draw A Rose Step By Step For Beginners

Then with a sure and firm line, we will make a sinuous line to locate the stem of our rose. It does not have to be a straight line, because observing nature we can see with the naked eye that no one is. But the direction of this line must have coherence and be drawn in one direction.


Step 3. Draw some leaves on the stem

How To Draw A Rose Step By Step For Beginners

Then draw right in the middle of the stem, two leaves with their tips in opposite directions. Remember that in nature perfection and symmetry are organic and unplanned, that is why he draws in all the steps with very loose and dynamic lines.


Step 4. We draw the center of the rose

How To Draw A Rose Step By Step For Beginners

Then add another somewhat flattened irregular circle inside the first one. This circle represents the uppermost part of our rose, and will decide the perspective and angle where we draw all of our rose. If you play with its location, you will see how the viewer’s vision, that is, the perspective changes.


Step 5. We will create the divisions of the petals

How To Draw A Rose Step By Step For Beginners

We will draw a second larger and outer circle than the previous one mentioned, it must follow its own shape and not repeat the same curvatures and positions of the previous one, remember that the irregularity in these cases is our friend.


Step 6. We will divide the parts of the petals into three

How To Draw A Rose Step By Step For Beginners

He then proceeds to draw an even more outer circle, thus dividing our initial circumference into four spaces. The center is obviously the innermost circle. If we observe all kinds of flowers in nature, we will see how, in general, their center is where the newer and smaller petals are concentrated, the more they grow, the bigger the flower becomes, and it creates these rings of folds.


Step 7. We will outline our flower

How To Draw A Rose Step By Step For Beginners

We will erase some lines from our circle from Step 1, and add small curvatures to create our first petals, you can imagine that you are drawing some kind of cotton.


Step 8. We will draw the petals in the middle

How To Draw A Rose Step By Step For Beginners

We will finally create the content lines, we will start by dividing the middle. These are intermediate petals, which are neither very closed nor very open. Depending on the perspective, we will add some delicate lines imitating these folds of petals so common in roses.


Step 9. We will draw the outermost petals

How To Draw A Rose Step By Step For Beginners

Proceed to draw the outermost petal folds. We will simulate a kind of skirt, these are the largest and loosest petals, therefore, their planes are more visible than the others.


Step 10. We will add the innermost petals

How To Draw A Rose Step By Step For Beginners

In the opposite direction, we will draw the innermost petals, add a kind of cocoon, a figure that the nascent petals form, and that create a kind of cylinder with several layers rolled up in it. This area in the upper part of our rose, and where the eye of the beholder will focus due to the amount of detail it has.


Step 11. We will add the final petals from the center

How To Draw A Rose Step By Step For Beginners

As we mentioned earlier, the center is a cylinder of rolled pleats. As if it were a roll of cloth, we must draw the layers of the folds releasing from the cylinder, creating a kind of swirl on the lid, this is usually the most important part of a rose, in terms of drawings and painting of roses.


Step 12. Add more leaves and details on the stem

How To Draw A Rose Step By Step For Beginners

We are close to finishing, to give more realism, draw more leaves on the stem, and a few small ones near the birth of our rose. The more leaves with different positions you draw, the more life and naturalness your rose will have. Have fun adding all the elements you want!


Step 13. Final details and volume of lines

How To Draw A Rose Step By Step For Beginners

We culminate in adding the final details, such as increasing the thickness of the stem, drawing the veins of the leaves, further defining the thick and thin petals that wrap the center of the flower and its outer zone. We can continue to detail our flower to infinity, your mind is the limit. You decide when to finish your rose drawing, in this case, we consider that in this step we have finished with our drawing, what did you think of your rose?


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How to get rid of bed bugs

The bed bugs are small insects from 4-5 mm reddish blood feeding. In different countries, they had ceased to be a problem but have reappeared due to climate change, so much so that it is one of the most widespread pests on the Peninsula. Hostels, hotels, hospitals or geriatric residences are some of the places where the incidence of bed bugs has increased. Today let us discuss how to get rid of bed bugs.

Bed bugs can go more than a year without eating

If the temperature conditions are not extreme, these critters are very resistant, to hunger and also to temperature. In other countries, bed bugs have been found in camps or places that have been unoccupied for more than 1 year, the bugs had no food and many of them had survived.

These insects were practically eradicated in Spain, however, since 2014 they began to spread in that country. They arrived hidden in suitcases and merchandise from other countries.

How do you know if you have bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small flat, reddish-brown insects size between 4-5 millimeters, they are known to hide between the seams of the mattress, bedding or in crevices near beds. They are not easy to find but if you inspect the mattress and bedding using a magnifying glass and a flashlight, if they are ‘there’ you will most likely detect them.

The first sign is bites , if you usually wake up in the morning with bites it can be a warning sign, but beware that these bites are not from mosquitoes for example!

The bites can be confused. There is usually not just one but several around, a reddish rash appears and it can also cause swelling and itching in the area.

They tend to leave traces of skins as they shed their skins as they grow.

How to get rid of bed bugs

After feeding, the bed bugs return to their shelters and when defecating they leave black or brown spots, this can be a ‘clue’ to know where they hide.


Steps to eliminate bed bugs

Conventional insecticides are not worth it , since they will disperse some adults but not the eggs . Taking into account these insects lay between 200-500 eggs, eradicating them is not an easy task. There are some remedies that can be effective to eliminate them:

Use the vacuum cleaner thoroughly

A powerful vacuum cleaner can be an ally in eliminating bed bugs. Use duct tape of some color to divide the bed into three or four sections. Make a drawing or sketch and see marking the areas where you have passed the vacuum cleaner. In this way, it will be easier for you not to leave areas unchecked. Use the vacuum cleaner for all the corners of the mattress , do not leave an inch without checking. This way you can even remove the eggs.

Hot steam

One of the most effective techniques that professional companies often use. These insects die when exposed to temperatures above 60 degrees. Steam is an effective method to eliminate bed bugs and eggs, and it is also ecological. The steam can also penetrate small crevices where these insects hide. If you have a steam cleaner at home without hesitation, use it to kill them ! Wash bedding in the washing machine on a very hot 90 degree program, this will help you eliminate them if any are still between the sheets .


From steam to cold. A these insects can also eliminate them with cold but is more difficult , requiring temperatures of -17° C for at least two hours. This can be used for small items that once washed you can put in a freezer like cushions or sheets. The mattress cannot be disinfected with this method, if you take it out in the open with -17 degrees it will freeze, in the end it is better to use other methods.

Have the steps to eliminate bed bugs been helpful to you?


How To Make Pancakes

Do you want to know how to make the best pancakes? With this easy and simple recipe you will learn step by step the secret of how to make pancakes fluffier. Both to prepare savory dishes, as to make a sweet dessert, this pancake recipe will be very practical. In Argentina and Uruguay a salty meal called “cannelloni” is prepared, which is also based on this type of pancake with a meat or vegetable filling … ideal to share on a Sunday with the family !!

In this post I share the best recipe, my tricks for fluffy pancakes, and more step by step.

You can also find them by the name « crepe ». Basically it is the same pancake recipe, perhaps with the difference that “crepes” are generally spoken of when they will be used in desserts.

Quantity: our pancake recipe makes about 20 units


2 eggs
3/4 cup of 000 flour or whatever you have (90 grams)
1 cup of milk (250cc.)
2 tablespoons butter, melted (lard)
1 teaspoon baking powder (self-rising powder)
Pinch of salt



Let’s start! First you must put the eggs, add the flour, milk, butter, baking powder and salt in the blender glass and blend them to mix. If you don’t have a blender, you can also use the wire whisk, beating until you get a well homogeneous mixture. As for the texture, it should be a smooth, smooth mixture, without lumps.

Then let it rest for two hours in a bowl before using the preparation. The preparation should rest to be able to work it better on the pan. Leave it in the refrigerator.

To make them, a non-stick pan is preferably used to which 1 teaspoon of butter is added only the first time. In the case of not having a non-stick pan, some butter will be applied each time. Try to avoid Teflon pans. Those with a ceramic bottom are much better.


How to cook pancakes

Put the pancake on the fire. Add a bit of butter and turn until it covers the bottom of the pan.
With the help of the ladle, put a little of the mixture and make it run quickly so that it covers the bottom well.
Make sure that the dough is not too thick, since the pancakes must be very thin.

The surplus dump it again in the preparation.

Cook over a high heat and when the bottom is golden, turn with the help of a spatula, so it cooks on the other side.

Don’t worry if the first pancake doesn’t suit you, this is very common. But the rest will be great and you will see that it is very easy to do them.

Keep in mind that cooking the pancakes takes very little time on each side. Depending on the cooking temperature, each side will take 1 to 2 minutes, no more. When to turn it over? When you see that the bottom side begins to brown.

Once cooked, it is placed on a flat plate and they are placed on top of each other to keep them warm and not harden. They are covered with a nylon sheet.

With this dough the pancakes are very thin and you can achieve about 20 units.

How To Make Pancakes

Information of interest

Sweet and savory pancakes

Pancakes can be filled to make sweet and savory preparations. Cannelloni can be prepared with savory fillings, or you can use sweet fillings such as jams or cream.

Tip : Have you tried pancakes filled with dulce de leche? They are very common in Argentina and Uruguay. And the pancakes filled with orange fudge?

They can be frozen for 3 months. To do this, it is convenient to group them by 5 or 10 depending on the amount that you want to save and separate each group with plastic paper so that when you remove them it is easier to know how many we lose.

When they are removed from the freezer, they are placed in the lower part of the refrigerator to defreeze them or the microwave is used.

Time to enjoy the best pancake in the world! How are you going to eat it?


Tips for making Pancakes

Have you tried making the cheese filled pancakes? Once you have the pancakes made, open one and top it with grated mozzarella cheese. Roll up the pancake and put it in the hot pan, which you have previously lubricated with just a teaspoon of oil or vegetable spray. You only need to heat it so that the mozzarella melts, 1 minute on each side and ready to serve! You can also do it with the oven, preheating it to 200ÂșC, but be careful not to overdo the cooking time, since you only have to melt the cheese filling, and not dry the dough (especially the edges).

Do not forget to try the pancakes with dulce de leche, because they are a delight! You just have to spread a couple of large tablespoons of dulce de leche over the entire surface and roll the pancake.

Another savory option is to fill them with ham and cheese, and present them in the form of a roll, with which you can get a side for a main dish. There are also those who spread it with more or less spicy chili. Many like to accompany them with sauce.

In the case of sweet pancakes, it is very nice to present them on a plate with a light icing or icing sugar coating.

Curiosity : in Mexico they call them “hot cakes” or also “quequis”, and they tend to prepare them in the style used in the United States, obtaining a taller and fluffier pancake.

We recommend you get down to work and try this one, which is one of the best pancake recipes that you can find to use in sweet and savory preparations.

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How to Delete Instagram Account Forever?

Today we are going to teach you how to delete Instagram account forever. In general, with the default options presented by the photographic social network, the only thing you are allowed to do is deactivate your account temporarily. But what if you want to delete it permanently?

We have been investigating the Instagram help pages and have found a hidden option with which you will be able to delete your Instagram account forever. Of course, remember that when you do, there will be no going back and that you will lose all the photos and contacts that you have made so far.

How to Delete Instagram Account Forever

Therefore, it is important that you are completely sure that you prefer to delete the account instead of temporarily deactivating it. If so, you may also want to download your photos to your PC or download your videos to your computer so you don’t lose the photos and videos you’ve been taking over the years.

Delete your Instagram account forever

All you have to do to permanently delete your Instagram account is go to . It is a specific page that Instagram has created to do this, but that does not advertise too much. If you enter being identified with your user on, the page will automatically recognize you and you will only need a process of three clicks.

Delete your Instagram account permanently


But first you have to tell Instagram why you want to leave. For this you have the question Why do you want to delete your account? . On the right you have a drop-down box, and you have to choose an answer that corresponds to why you want to delete your account. Depending on the response, Instagram will offer you an alternative solution in case it can convince you to stay.

In any case, once you have chosen the answer, you can continue with the procedure. You will see a new box that says To continue, re-enter your password, next to it you have a blank field where you must enter the password. When you do, just hit the Permanently delete my account button.

If you press this button, your photos, comments, likes, friendships and all your data will be permanently deleted and you will no longer be able to recover them. In fact, according to Instagram, if in the future you want to create another account, you will not be able to use the same username. A security measure so that no one impersonates someone who has deleted an account.


More ways to protect your privacy

In addition to deleting your Instagram account, you can take other steps to protect your privacy online when using social media. The first step is awareness, and you should keep the following in mind:

  • The information you post on social media is publicly visible, so think before posting.
  • Even if you manage your privacy settings, there are still privacy concerns “behind the scenes”, as Facebook collects data about users.
  • Often times, there is metadata associated with the photos you post, including revealing data such as the location and date / time of the photo.
  • Understand how your social media applications connect to other applications and data exchange can occur between programs.

To protect your privacy while using social media, you can also do the following:

  • Think before you share: Information shared on social media is publicly visible, so remember that it is visible to a large number of people.
  • Read the privacy policy: To understand the privacy policy of the social network and adjust its settings accordingly, and be aware of how your data is being collected, used or sold.
  • Adjust your privacy settings: Set your privacy settings within apps to control how your information is shared and what is kept private.

How to Take a Screenshot on Mac

This article describes steps to take screenshot on Mac Book, editing screenshot on Mac, changing default location of screenshot on Mac and Troubleshooting tips.

If you have recently arrived in the Mac world, you will have encountered a quite significant difference with Windows, and that is the way to take screenshots. In macOS, the way to capture your screen is quite different from the one we have on a PC, since there is no “Print Screen” key that we press and an image of the screen is saved on our clipboard. In macOS from our point of view it is much simpler and more versatile since we have a large number of functions to take screenshots or even record our screen through keyboard commands.

So you can make ‘screenshots’ in Mac OS

All possible ways to take screenshots on Mac OS are summarized by pressing Shift-Command (⌘) -5. By using this combination of keys we can see how a toolbar appears showing us all the possibilities we have and which we will summarize below.


Capture the entire Mac screen

If we want to take a screenshot of the entire Mac screen, we will simply have to use the keyboard combination Shift-Command (⌘) -3, and the screen capture will automatically be saved on the desktop or the default location in addition to showing a thumbnail in the lower right corner that we’ll talk about later.

Capture the entire Mac screen


You can also do the capture through the toolbar that we have after pressing Shift-Command () -5. We will simply have to click on the icon that we indicated in the previous image and our pointer will automatically transform into a camera that when clicking on a screen will make the capture.


Capture only a selected part of the screen on Mac

If we want to take a screenshot of only a part of the screen we must press the Shift-Command (⌘) -4 keys. The cursor will become a crosshair that will allow us to make the selection that we want on our screen by clicking and dragging as we please.

If we make a mistake when selecting an area of the screen, we can press the space bar to move the selected area, the Shift key to modify the area horizontally or vertically and the Option key modifies the center area outwards.


Capture a specific window on Mac

If we do not want to take a screenshot of the entire screen of our Mac we can also capture a specific window such as our browser or another application. We will simply have to press Shift-Command (⌘) -4 and hold down the space bar, moving the cursor to a camera that we can place on the screen we want to capture and press to capture. If you don’t like the window shadow that is generated, you can hold down the Option key when clicking.

In addition to being able to capture an application window, the same process can also be carried out to capture a menu or dialog box. Simply by hovering over it, it will stand out indicating that it is possible to capture it.


The Touch Bar can also be captured on Mac

If we want to capture the Touch Bar of the new MacBook Pro we simply have to press the key combination Shift-Command (⌘) -6. The file will be automatically saved on your desktop or in the default location.


Use a timer when taking screenshots on Mac

In macOS we have the option of taking screenshots using a 5 or 10 second timer. To be able to use it we can go to the Utilities capture and open the «Screenshots» application or press Shift-Command (⌘) -5. In the toolbar that will appear, click on “Options” and select 10 or 5 seconds, depending on how long we want it to take to make the screenshot.

Use a timer when taking screenshots on Mac

As you can see, in this same menu we can also select whether or not we want the mouse pointer to appear , something useful if we want to point to any element of the image. We can also quickly select where we want the capture to be saved: desktop, downloads, mail …


Edit the screenshot quickly on Mac

When we take a screenshot you will have noticed if you are in macOS that a thumbnail appears in the lower right corner. By clicking on it, we will have in our hand the possibility of making a quick edition with annotations. Once we have finished editing it, we can share it quickly through our messaging services or in Mail.

Edit the screenshot quickly on Mac

If we do not do any type of editing or slide the thumbnail to the right, it will be saved automatically, although if we open it and click on the trash can at the top we can delete it as in the iPhone.


Customize your screenshots in Mac

When we take a screenshot, the result file has a default name that is not too elegant, or a file format is also imposed that we can modify as detailed below.


Customize the name of your screenshots in Mac

If we do not want the word “screenshot” to appear in the file we obtain, we can use the following steps to modify it to our liking:

  • Open terminal.
  • Enter the command defaults write name “Name” replacing what is inside the quotation marks with the name we want to give our screenshots.
  • Enter the command killall SystemUIServer

We can also remove the date and time in the file name by following the steps below:

  • Open Terminal
  • Enter the command defaults write “include-date” 0
  • Enter the command killall SystemUIServer
  • To go back we will simply have to repeat the same steps but modifying the “0” by a “1”.


Customize the capture format in Mac

By default, the capture file will be saved in PNG format, but if we want them to be saved in another format we will simply have to open Terminal and enter the specific command for the format we want. Here are the different commands for each format:

  • JPEG: defaults write type jpg; killall SystemUIServer
  • PDF: defaults write type PDF; killall SystemUIServer
  • PNG: defaults write type png; killall SystemUIServer
  • TIFF: defaults write type tiff; killall SystemUIServer
  • GIF: defaults write type gif; killall SystemUIServer

Change save location in Mac

If we want to change the location where our screenshots are saved by default, we will simply have to open Terminal and follow the following steps:

  • Enter the command defaults write location ~ / Documents / NewFolder
  • Run the killall SystemUIServer command

If we vary in the first command «Documents» and «NewFolder» you can customize where we want the files to be saved.

Getting used to this system is quite simple, although we understand that in the transition between Windows and Mac you may feel somewhat lost with routine functions, we hope we have made it clear with these steps how to take screenshot in macOS and of course, discover new customization commands, something that is not very common in the Apple ecosystem.


Screenshots on Mac – Problems and Solutions

Of course, errors do occur, also when trying to record the screen content of a Mac computer. This may be related to the program you are trying to capture. Apple recognizes, for example, that to protect works from indiscriminate copying, movie captures cannot be captured when viewed using a DVD player , even if the intended screen area does not play the movie or you are in possession of the rights to the tape.

However, it is possible to circumvent this limitation to capture images from a movie in two ways, always starting from the premise that copyright is not violated:

  • Use an alternate player : Apple cannot prevent capturing images from a different movie and video playback program.
  • Use a different capture program: This limitation only affects if you are using macOS or OS X applications, but there are other providers that offer free software to copy the screen of a Mac.

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Why we celebrate Father's Day: everything you need to know

In Spain, Father’s Day is celebrated on March 19, the day of Saint Joseph, as in Portugal, Italy, Honduras, Equatorial Guinea, Liechtenstein, Macao, Andorra and Bolivia. However, in most countries it is celebrated on the third Sunday in June, although there are also other dates: in Russia, for example, it is February 23, Defenders of the Fatherland Day. Meanwhile, in Romania it is the second Sunday in May, and in Australia and New Zealand, the first Sunday in September.


Origin of the Father’s Day party

This celebration was born in the United States of the gratitude of a daughter, Sonora Smart Dodd, towards her father, a veteran of the American civil war named Henry Jackson Smart. Henry’s wife passed away giving birth to their sixth child, and he cared for and raised their children with all the love and help in the world on a farm in Washington state.

Why we celebrate Father's Day

Sonora Smart Dodd came up with the idea of celebrating Father’s Day while listening to a Mother’s Day sermon in 1909. At first he proposed June 5, Mr. Smart’s birthday, but the choice of date was unsuccessful.

The idea of instituting a ‘ Father’s Day ‘, however, did gradually gain acceptance. Finally in 1924 President Calvin Coolidge endorsed the idea of establishing a national Father’s Day, and in 1966 President Lyndon Johnson signed a proclamation declaring the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day in America.

The celebration quickly spread to Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa as a way to honor parents and recognize their role in the upbringing and education of their children.

Regardless of the date of its celebration, the important thing about this date is that it aims to pay tribute to parents. A day in which it is important that we remind them how much we love them, how much they have meant and mean to us, and how important their presence is in the development and education of children.

Although each family celebrates it in their own way, in Spain it is very common for meals to be made on Father’s Day or on the days close to that date. It is common for families to get together to celebrate this date and for the little ones in the house to give gifts to their parents.

Specifically, on Father’s Day, families gather around parents, grandparents or stepparents to give them a gift . The crafts of children thought to dad are seldom absent, nor some detail to remember that day. In many Spanish homes, Father’s Day is the only day of the year when children prepare breakfast for Dad (who pretends to be asleep until everything is ready) and take it to bed. However, it is also important to remember that not all families celebrate this date or do it in the same way.


Useful External Links

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Homemade tricks to get pregnant

We hide: we say and “we” tell ourselves that “we take it easy”, that “there is no rush”, that “we know that it takes time.” But, most of the women, when we decide to leave the liberated zone and look for a baby we cannot stop being aware: ovulation calculators, menstruation dates, tips scattered on the Internet, experiences of friends and more. Difficult to be distracted. If it happened to you or it happens to you, some extra tips.

One day you decide: let’s move forward. They solved it with your partner or you came alone to the certainty that it is time to be a mother. And you move on: you remove the IUD, put down the pills and / or keep the box of condoms for a long time. To find a baby! Anxiety and desire make you think that, after obsessively taking care of yourself, as soon as you lift the barriers, the test will be positive and a nine-month adventure will begin that, at the end of the road, will put a child in your arms. Get to work and the action begins. But … Weeks go by, months go by and nothing. You do not go through some delay that enables an illusion of a few hours and, of course, you get distressed. The fantasy of sterility prevails and the couple is complicated, pain through. Well then: stop. Our body is a bit more complicated and things are not so simple.


* Prior check-ups : in many countries they speak of preconception studies. In general, these are clinical, gynecological and infectious tests to determine if your body is ready to procreate and carry out a pregnancy. Sometimes solving something before you start can avoid risks and complications later.

* Folic acid : it is important to start taking folic acid a few months before looking for a pregnancy. It is recommended to take 1mg per day until the test is positive. Then the doctor will probably raise the dose to 5mg.

* Don’t smoke : Several studies show that women who smoke have a harder time getting pregnant. Lower the number of cigarettes and, if you can, stop smoking. It is the ideal!

* It’s not that easy: Human fertility is highly ineffective. In the best conditions, only 25% of couples will achieve a pregnancy in one month by having frequent intercourse without contraception. And, as you age (moving toward 35/40), the odds are even lower.

Homemade tricks to get pregnant


* The chances improve if you are attentive to your ovulation date: The ovulation cycle lasts 6 days and it is in this period when the woman is at her most fertile stage. The best days are before and after ovulation, which is when one of the ovaries releases a mature egg (oocyte). This process occurs around day 14 of the menstrual cycle, if the woman menstruates every 28 days. The oocyte survives for about 24 hours and the sperm for a few more days, therefore the woman can become pregnant from 3 or 4 days before ovulation to two days later.

To figure out your next fertile week, just Google the words ” ovulation calculator ” and a host of options will pop up. There, enter the first day of your last period, how long your period lasts, and the average length of your cycles. If you are regular, everything will be easier. If you are not, consult your gynecologist and ask about home ovulation tests: they work for many.

You can also estimate your ovulation date with a simple calculation: you have to subtract 14 days from your cycle and you will have the approximate day of your ovulation. In turn, there are other signs that you can attend to to know that you are ovulating: we have a thicker flow, the basal temperature increases and you may feel pain in the ovaries, like stitches, on both sides or on one. 

* Every day? Many doctors recommend not having intercourse every day – much less several times a day – to search for a baby. The more often the man’s semen secretion, the less the amount of sperm produced. The frequency they recommend is every other day. Ideally, have sex at least three times that week.

* Positions : yes and no: there are sexual positions that will increase your chances of achieving pregnancy and others that play against. There are two you must rule out: the woman should not be standing or on top of the man: due to the effect of gravity, the sperm will exit the vagina more quickly.

Which ones are suitable? Some studies argue that the “prayer position” (the man behind or on top) increases the chances because it makes penetration deeper and the semen closer to the cervix. Same with the lateral position.

* Orgasm : many investigations affirm that orgasm in women is fundamental, because vaginal and uterine contractions bring semen closer to the cervix and favor the entry of sperm.


* Neither bath nor bidet : after having sex, it is advisable that you stay in bed for at least half an hour. Some recommend upside down. Ideally, you should put a pillow under your pelvis or something that lifts it up a bit: this increases the number of sperm that come into contact with the cervix.

Obsessing over planning sex is counterproductive. Apart from calculations and formulas, specialists advise having sex when the couple wants it, regardless of ovulation. The reason is simple: the tension generated by being aware of the best days and whether or not the period comes to you does not favor pregnancy. If we are not obsessed, the pregnancy is most likely to come when the couple least expects it.

* Don’t get anxious and take a test every two days. Wait for the delay and yes, it is not this time, it will be the next. If six months go by, make a consultation. Beyond a certain delay being normal, it is better to get rid of your doubts and not expose yourself or expose your partner to bad times and unnecessary anguish. If there is something to do, better do it quickly.

* If you are pregnant, do not forget that the first trimester is key. Don’t take medications, don’t smoke, and don’t overindulge with alcohol. It is beautiful to start caring for and loving your child from the day you started looking for him.

10 Tricks To Get Pregnant

A baby changes your life even before pregnancy. These are the advice that your gynecologist will give you once you have made the decision to become a parent to achieve success sooner.

  1. Go to the pre-pregnancy consultation. Your doctor will give you a complete check-up to monitor your health in the face of conception and pregnancy and will give you advice to achieve your purpose. He will also tell you to take folic acid to avoid spina bifida in the fetus and supplements of iodine, a vital mineral in pregnancy.
  2. Find out your fertile days. To do this, use our fertile days calculator. Remember that, on average, ovulation occurs 14 days before the arrival of menstruation. On the other hand, sperm have an average life span in a woman’s body of 3 or 4 days and the ovum remains fertilizable for 24 hours.
  3. Take it easy. Making love with the only obsession of getting pregnant is a terrible strategy both to achieve the goal and for your relationship and sexual life. Remember: stress is a major factor in infertility, and obligation kills desire.
  4. Orgasm helps conception. The spasms that it originates in the woman’s sexual apparatus help the transfer of sperm towards the fallopian tubes.
  5. Having sex several times a day is not a good method. Keep in mind that the sperm is losing quality in each relationship. In these cases, less is more.
  6. As a general guideline, specialists recommend having at least three sexual encounters between days 11 and 18 of your menstrual cycle.
  7. Watch your diet. It is essential to eat fruit and vegetables in abundance, both for men and women. If you can afford it, choose them organically grown to avoid pesticides and fertilizers. In all cases, always wash them. Discover the foods that help conception.
  8. Avoid tobacco. Smoking 10 cigarettes for women and 20 for men decreases fertility. If you don’t smoke, stay out of smoke-filled spaces.
  9. No to obesity and anorexia. Both are factors of infertility, since they are usually associated with hormonal disorders.
  10. Play sports. Regular exercise prepares your body for pregnancy, takes away the risks of obesity, and reduces stress.


10 Tricks To Get Pregnant

The tricks that don’t work

Myths and false beliefs about fertility are not lacking. They are tricks or ideas that circulate but nobody has been able to demonstrate their usefulness. Here are some of them:

  • Lying down with your hips resting on a cushion doesn’t make the sperm flow any better. In the same way, washing after sex does not prevent pregnancy.
  • The missionary position does not favor the conception of a child.
  • The phases of the moon do not influence the sex of the baby.
  • Having taken oral contraceptives does not make pregnancy difficult.


What tips are there to get pregnant?

There are some ways to get pregnant. Knowing your fertility and ovulation patterns helps increase your chances, and your doctor can help you plan a healthy pregnancy.

What are the different ways that I can get pregnant?

To get pregnant, it is necessary for a sperm to fertilize an egg. Pregnancy officially begins when a fertilized egg (an embryo) attaches itself to the wall of the uterus, where it grows for 9 months to become a baby. There are a few different ways this can happen.

The most common way that pregnancy occurs is through vaginal sex, when a person with a penis ejaculates into someone else’s vagina. Sperm in semen swim up the vagina, through the cervix and uterus, into the Fallopian tubes.  If there is an egg in the Fallopian tube and it meets a sperm, the fertilized egg descends into the uterus. If the fertilized egg attaches itself to the wall of the uterus, the pregnancy begins.

Pregnancy from other forms of sexual activity is also possible, although the penis does not ejaculate into the vagina, but it is less common. If semen stays ON the vulva or near the vaginal opening, sperm can enter the vagina and cause pregnancy. This can happen if semen drips or rubs onto the vulva, or if someone touches the vulva or vagina with fingers or a sex toy that has wet semen in it. The pre-ejaculate (seminal fluid) may also contain a small amount of sperm, so that the seminal fluid can also cause pregnancy if enters the vagina.

Pregnancy can also occur through different types of alternative insemination or in-vitro fertilization. In alternative insemination, semen is inserted into the vagina or uterus using a syringe or other similar device. You can place the semen at home on your own or with the help of your partner, or with the help of a doctor. You can use frozen sperm from a sperm bank or fresh sperm from a known donor (like your partner or a family friend). Alternative insemination is an option for single people, couples who do not produce sperm, or couples with infertility problems.

In in-vitro fertilization, a doctor removes the eggs from your body or someone else’s and mixes them with sperm in a laboratory to fertilize them. The doctor then places the fertilized eggs (embryos) in the uterus. If one or more embryos adhere to the uterine lining, pregnancy begins. In-vitro fertilization helps people with infertility problems to get pregnant.


How long does it take to get pregnant?

The time it takes to get pregnant is different in each case and depends on many things (such as age, genetics, and general health).

If you are fertile and have unprotected vaginal intercourse, you have a very good chance of becoming pregnant within 1 year. About 85 out of 100 people who try to get pregnant are successful within 1 year. But each one is different; for some people it is much faster, while for others it may take longer.

tips to get pregnant

If you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a period of 6 months to 1 year with no results, see your doctor or visit your local Planned Parenthood Health Center to see if they can help you and to make sure everything is okay.


How do I increase my chances of getting pregnant?

One of the best ways to increase your chances of getting pregnant is to know which days you ovulate (when pregnancy is most likely to occur) and to plan vaginal intercourse or insemination on those days.

Each body is different, but ovulation usually occurs approximately 14 days before the menstrual period begins. The egg lives for about 1 day after being released (ovulation), and the sperm can live in the body for almost 6 days after having sex.

So you are usually fertile around 7 days of each menstrual cycle: the 5 days before ovulation and the day it occurs. You can also get pregnant 1 or 2 days after ovulation, but this is less likely.

Some people have very regular cycles, and others’ cycles vary from month to month. Many people monitor their menstrual cycle and other signs of fertility to help them determine when they ovulate. This is called fertility observation. Some people use this method to protect themselves against pregnancy, and others to get pregnant.

You can use a fertility chart to track your cycle and find out when you are most fertile (with data like body temperature, changes in cervical mucus, and menstrual cycle). There are applications that make it easy to make a graph of your cycle and detect your fertile days.

You can also use ovulation prediction kits, which are urine tests that show when you are ovulating. Ovulation predictor tests can be purchased at the pharmacy; they are usually found near pregnancy tests. Ovulation prediction tests look for a hormone called “luteinizing” (lutropin), which is increased in the body just before you ovulate.

If you plan to get pregnant soon, visit your doctor or your local Planned Parenthood Health Center for a preconception consultation. They can give you more tips on how to increase your chances of getting pregnant and ensure you have the healthiest pregnancy possible.


What should I do to get pregnant if I was using birth control?

If you use birth control and want to get pregnant, just stop using the birth control method. With most methods (such as the intrauterine device, implant, pills, patch, and ring), fertility usually returns immediately after you stop using it; often in the same month.

Birth control does not harm your ability to achieve a long-term pregnancy, but some types (such as the Depo injection ) can temporarily affect your fertility for several months after you stop using them.


How can I avoid an unplanned pregnancy?

If you have vaginal intercourse (penis in vagina), using birth control is the best way to avoid an unplanned pregnancy. There are many types of safe and effective contraceptives on the market. Visit your local Planned Parenthood Health Center to find the birth control method that works best for you.

How to convert Wet Cooking Ingredient - Milliliters to Cups, Spoons, Pints and Gallons

As a cook or chef, at some point you may have run out of options when it comes to measuring your kitchen materials and ingredients, especially since you don’t have a scale to use. This can be a big hurdle for many chefs, so we can give you some ideas on how to measure wet ingredients without the need for a scale.


Using a measuring spoon

The volume of a standard scoop is 15 ml, although the size may vary. There are some scoops with 10ml volume capacity, these are newer European scoops. The 15ml scoops are mostly older European, Canadian and American spoons. There are also some 20ml variants that are from Australia. In recent times, 10 ml spoons have become increasingly popular, especially in Europe. For tiny measurements, teaspoons are a great option and typically hold between 4.5ml and 5ml.


Standard Spoon (Europe, Canada, Great Britain, USA): 15 ml = 0.507 fl oz
New spoons (mainly in Europe): 10 ml = 0.34 fl oz
Australian spoon: 20 ml = 0.68 fl oz
Teaspoon: 4.5 – 5 ml = 0.15 – 0.17 fl oz

So depending on the volume of milk, water, or oil you want to measure, you can choose and mix different sizes of spoons from the options above. If the ingredients in your recipe are in liters, then remember that 1000 ml is equal to 1 liter. So, if you have to put 200 ml of milk in your pancake mix, and you want to do it without a scale or measuring cup, make sure you have a standard spoon (most likely a 10 ml European spoon since is the most popular) and then you should measure 20 tablespoons (10 ml of spoons multiplied by 20 is 200 ml of milk).

However, using spoons may take longer if you are cooking large quantities, so you may want to opt for a better alternative.


Improvise with water bottles

Instead of throwing that empty water bottle in the trash, it can be used for measuring purposes when scales are not available. Most tabletop water bottles come in different sizes and shapes, however there is less to worry about shape and more about volume. Volumes can be easily seen on the bottle label, they are usually in milliliters (ml) and liters. If you have a small empty 500 ml water bottle and you need to add 2 liters of milk to your mix, you know that you have to pour 4 bottles of 500 ml each.

However, if you have mugs at your disposal, keep in mind that these also vary in volume.

EU cup = 240 ml = 8.11 oz, metric cup = 250 ml = 8.45 oz, imperial cup (UK) = 284 ml = 9.60 oz. So make sure you know how much you are pouring.


Milliliters to Cups, Spoons, Pints and Gallons

Pints, ounces and gallons

Your recipes may come with ingredients that will require you to measure in pints, ounces, and gallons, so it is wise to know the conversion unit. In a pint you have exactly 0.473176 liters, which is about 0.5 L. So you must know how many bottles of water to use to get to a pint. In terms of gallons, each gallon is about 3.78541 liters, about 3.8 liters. But you may not have the need to measure volumes like these, unless you intend to cook for hundreds of people. Ounces are units of weight, but there is a fluid ounce as a unit of volume, 1 US fluid ounce equals 29.57 milliliters and 1 L equals 33.914 fluid ounces.



Liquid conversions from milliliters (liters) to cups, spoons, fluid ounces, pints, and gallons for bulky, wet cooking ingredients: milk, water, oil.

mlEU cup (240 ml / 8.11 oz)metric cup (250 ml / 8.45 floz)imperial cup (284 ml / 9.60 floz)standard scoop (15 ml / 0.51 floz)tablespoon (10 ml / 0.34 floz)Liquid ouncepintsgallons


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