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H old On for D ear L ife – hold and never let go Actually, the term can be traced back to a typo made by a user in the well-known Bitcoin forum  “bitcointalk”  back in 2013. At that time, the price of bitcoin had risen from under $15 in January to a high of over $1,100 in early December 2013. On December 18, 2013, possibly in response to reports of a Chinese raid, the price of bitcoin fell nearly 40% in 24 hours, from $716 to $438. This prompted a forum member nicknamed “ GameKyuubi

” to a post in which he explained that he does not intend to sell his bitcoins and will continue to hold them, knowing that his trading skills are very limited and that he would never get the right entry and exit anyway. Since he had already had a few glasses of whiskey when he wrote the text and was therefore already very drunk, he made a small typo in the headline that would later go down in the history of cryptocurrencies. "I AM HOLDING" became the famous "I AM HODLING".

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